Pulaski at Night by Andrew Bird

“I've had the swooping violin lines in my head all morning.”

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but doqtor was first  

I've had the swooping violin lines in my head all morning.

alykat 21 Nov 2013

Andrew Bird still failing to make a weak song.

doqtor 1 Nov 2013

one of my favorite andrew bird songs, the instrumentation is just the best   1

skrulls 19 Feb 2015

Finished the magnificent second season of Orange Is The New Black last night. This tune (part of the soundtrack to episode 1) has been the undisputed song of June 2014 in our household...   6

thesunneversets 30 Jun 2014

I heard this song on my music player in the hospital waiting room yesterday and I can't get it out of my head, especially the violin riff. Oh, and April Fools day or whatever.   2

SpaceGoatJr 1 Apr 2015

#Bestof2013 Second time I have jammed Andrew, close your eyes, listen. I hope you will see/feel why. "Half Empty, Half Full" and how I wish I could go back to Chicago. I miss the tea, the brisk air and the PIZZA.   3

christineb 19 Dec 2013