Unfucktheworld by Angel Olsen

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I love this album :) #AngelOlsen #BurnYourFireForNoWitnesses   5

rvleonard 23 Apr 2014

This new "Song" feature is neat! I'm back, with a slight obsession on Angel Olsen   7

pabloldias 28 Aug 2014

"I started dancing, just to be around you." "Here's to thinking that it all meant so much more" I want to see Angel Olsen tonight so bad- but she's on at 1am at a stage I'd probably need to line up at 9pm for- and there's so much else going on. So, here's to potentially passing on awesome opportunities.

alexis 17 Mar 2015


ryanbestford 21 Jan 2015

Hoorde het in het wieleroverzicht bij sporza en sindsdien staat ie heel vaak aan.

sparkly 27 Dec 2014

ugh i'm that boring slow person who winds up just jamming an entire recent album bit by bit like i can't get it out of my system and don't get why that's annoying for a TIMJ setting. i keep thinking i'm done posting AO but then i wake up and go to sleep for days with ANOTHER track looping in my brain. woke up today with "i have to save my life/you may not be around" going. the first time i heard the album (this is the opener) i was like "here we go again" with the purposely-fragile-and-lady-crazy-seeming swooning style, but yeah, it grew on me, it did (maybe unsurprising--IMO kristin hersh's candidness is underrated to this day). that swoon in the first few lines ("just to be aahroouund you") gets me, just like the part in "stars" where it swoops from voice to guitar ("i'll close my eyes/so tightly...") does.   5

ifjuly 29 Jan 2015