Banshee Beat by Animal Collective


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It took me forever to warm up to the slowed-down jams of Feels' second side, but now that I have... they're simply incredible.

waterloo 18 Apr 2014

there's a live version on the Feels bonus disc that is unbelievable, but the file was too large to upload to thisismyjam :(

BRaf0704 23 Nov 2014

One of those tracks that, without really being minimalist, pokes all my minimalist buttons just right. I'm also pretty sure someone in my dictionary is up to no good...   1

snowyplover 5 Jun 2013

art: Pekka Halonen

maddi909 19 Dec 2014

an out of body magic carpet ride   14

Bukowski 31 Jan 2014

time to run up a mountain.

mojourn 14 Aug 2014