Wild Thing by Animal

“Well that's all there is to it.....we're here at #FinalJam time. *sighs * Over the past 3 years I made many lovely, dear friends and we've had a lot of fun. THANK YOU doesn't say it all. I particularly want to mention that there are some folks that I've been fortunate to have made contact with, away from TIMJ either by email, or even in person, you all know who you are - I won't mention names as they probably wouldn't want to be associated with me in public!! But, I just want to send my love to them all and give each and every one of them a huge, virtual hug, you are very special!! As we maybe go off in different directions, wherever you land please take the "TIMJ Spirit" with you, because that will make it a better place to be. Until we meet again, may you all be well, happy and at peace. Take care... And before they come to take me away, let's go out with some fun - OK, hit it Animal.....”

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