I Can't Stand The Rain by Ann Peebles


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Well, it was good enough for Missy Elliot! Love this track!!

Rosgo 10 Nov 2014

When does the Monsoon season end ?

micksharry 29 Apr 2012

Not to overadvertise and underdeliver, but she is UNBELIEVABLE. Love the entire album. I've been listening to it on a loop for the last week.   6

hannacelina 2 May 2014

I really cant stand the rain.....Thank goodness the sun is out today...

GregorsGrooves 6 Sep 2014

So, so good, it gives me wood.

crusher 23 Dec 2011

I remember this was the first bass line I had to learn for a live gig in a mad hurry. This is one of those songs that lets the singer show off. I'd be amazed at what they could pull off during a live gig - stuff that was unrehearsed, risky business. The result is that I look forward to hearing what bands and singers do with this song, it's never the same twice. This is the original, and she does a Sean Connery impersonation! #classic #shtand #peeblesperson   6

daved 29 Jul 2015