I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down by Ann Peebles


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You think you've got it all set up, You think you've got the perfect plan, To charm everyone you see, And playing any game you can. But I've got news for you, I hope it don't hit you too hard, One of these days while you're at play, I'm gonna catch you off guard. I'm gonna tear your playhouse down pretty soon, I'm gonna tear your playhouse down room by room .

sirterence 30 May 2013

Some great vintage soul music.

Renhult 14 Aug 2013

#SundaySoother   6

cosmicdon 12 Jul 2015

Classic Hi record from 1973 - great singer, great song, written by Ann Peebles with her husband.

guyhamilton552 1 Nov 2012

This just made my day!   2

PetitePants 2 Apr 2014

Two minutes and fifty-five seconds of smoking soul. Didn't make even the tiniest impact on the Billboard Hot 100 on release in 1973...

sirterence 17 Jan 2015