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It's "Jynweythek Ylow" by Aphex Twin.  TIMJ is being weird and not posting the metadata.   4

ifjuly 12 Apr 2012

Sat opposite Aphex Twin at Gatwick today so in tribute to him here is some skittery prettiness.

mwackett 7 Feb 2012

I absolutely cannot wait for new Aphex Twin.

justindoub 1 Sep 2014

Just where my head is at right now.

kenobicommaben 17 Nov 2013

This week's stuck-in-my-head jam. I remember getting this CD with Christmas money on a cold January day and it blowing my mind.   3

alexheadrick 29 Oct 2014

From bunny_man on "Aphex Twin is the only musician that can create a song thats happy and sad, upbeat and downbeat, logic and irrational, simple and complex, normal and weird at the same time. Just love!"

thegreatestman 4 Dec 2014