Girl/Boy Song by Aphex Twin

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This is a Christmas song, right?   1

thedaniel 23 Dec 2013

Just added this Aphex Twin classic to my Iron Man playlist. I've loved this for getting on for 20 years now.   6

kierongillen 22 Nov 2012

Like a lot of the Aphex Twin's music - in amongst the mad beats there's an absolutely gorgeous melody forcing it's way into your brain

davefilby10 21 Jul 2014

This song has an incredible sonic and emotional range. Never been so anxious and elated at the same time. Almost like falling for...oh, I think I finally get it.

frankles 4 Mar 2014

from AndreNunesPT on "fuck dubstep". sweet amen break sampling btw, also david firth's music video is cool.

thegreatestman 10 Dec 2014

Good Mood Music

RobotDisco 20 Sep 2014