Pulsewidth by Aphex Twin

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abigail.deeks 9 Aug 2015

One of those songs that could actually change a year. #2014

kbautista 4 Jan 2015

Had a lovely walk on a crappy fall morning thanks to Aphex Twin. I get the feeling I will be spending a significant amount of time with Richard D. James this winter.

maxfieldnewell 22 Oct 2013

An old 'un but a good 'un.

msleedy 28 Mar 2013

This and Xtal and Tha. Transportation to 1994 (although album released 1992? Hey, late adopter as always)   5

plinythemidlkid 6 Oct 2012

Cleans the dust out of your sub speaker.

kompani101 3 Jul 2013