#3 (Rhubarb) by Aphex Twin


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japanfann 8 Mar 2014

Hard to believe this album is now 21 years old!

swinton 29 Apr 2015

If there was ever a single piece of evidence of one person channelling things beyond humanity to write a piece of music, SAWII is it.

laerm 4 Aug 2014

A very airy track that’s meditative and almost reflective in nature. I could listen to this one for hours. Also recommended is playing this back-to-back with David Sylvian and Robert Fripp’s “Bringing Down the Light” for a more immersive experience.

Enish 9 Jun 2015

Makes water fall out of my eyes.

IamSamRutter 30 Jan 2015

@misterPlata Found Aphex through AoM as well, one of my fav electronic artists.   1

GeorgeYagerman 23 Sep 2014