Afterlife by Arcade Fire

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Dalek 26 Aug 2015

This Is My Jam is closing down so this'll be my last one. It was fun while it lasted and I'm quite happy about all the music I've discovered because of this site. Coming up with a new song representative of my feelings each week was an interesting challenge and has probably advanced my taste in music. Thanks to the community and the developers. The question that remains: "Where do we go?"

FelixH 21 Sep 2015

From one of my Albums of the Year.   9

Bukowski 13 Dec 2013

"Afterlife. Oh my god, what an awful word."

tessalowe 21 Oct 2013

My last Jam! And It had to be from my favourite band! Thank you This Is My Jam for documenting the soundtrack of my teenage years since the age of 17. If this playlist isn't angsty enough, then I don't know what is? ;]  Later!   2

kimkanata 21 Sep 2015

I'm still head-over-heals for #Reflektor, and I'm ecstatic to say that I'll be seeing #ArcadeFire with a few friends at #NotSoSilentNight in less than two weeks! :D   6

rvleonard 25 Nov 2013