Neighborhood #2 (Laïka) by Arcade Fire

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57 years ago today, Laika became the first dog in space.

mike3k 4 Nov 2014

#nostalgia #saudade

gugajansen 8 Apr 2014

with a new Siberian Husky pup named for the first Earthling to leave home, I've had this song in my head the last couple days. Arcade Fire's joyous performance stole the show during their big debut at Lollapalooza all those years ago and as time continues its passage i find that this album is aging well.   1

_seph 26 Jun 2015

#FinalJams Something from Arcade Fire's Funeral to acknowledge TIMJ's. I'm going to miss this place!

lasciviouss 11 Aug 2015

25 Years of Jam continues: In 2004 my #1 album was Wilco's A Ghost Is Born, the challenging follow-up to Yankee Hotel Foxtrot; I find those two albums to be the band's joint pinnacle, but I just posted them two days ago. In their place today we have another contender for top album of '04, Arcade Fire's full-length debut Funeral. The group has now gone on to huge heights and is a somewhat polarizing act in the indie world; it seems the more time goes by, more people get bitterly opposed to Arcade Fire. I suppose they are kind of ground zero for the endless flood of earnest bands who substitute anthemic chants of "woooahhh-ohhh-ohhh" for actual songwriting, but Arcade Fire can write a hell of a tune on top of that and I still think Funeral is the best example. Times were different then: I bought this at Tower Records and it didn't even come out on vinyl upon initial release despite being on indie stalwart Merge Records. This was a good three years before the vinyl resurgence.   2

noyoucmon 14 Sep 2015