You Already Know by Arcade Fire


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Arcade Fire at their best !

cartoken 21 Dec 2013

Sometimes it moves so fast. If you stop to ask, it's already passed.

BrightLights 22 Dec 2013

Loving the new Arcade Fire album and can't believe I'm lucky enough to be seeing them live at the Barras in a week. Don't believe the critics; this LP is a classic.   3

FamousWhenDead 7 Nov 2013

comfortable melancholy nostalgia

bannusvdk 2 Oct 2014

My favourite song from #Reflektor, though this was not an easy choice. What an amazing new album!   2

hannacelina 9 Nov 2013

Track Of The Day (Q Awards 14):

QMagazine 14 Oct 2014