You Already Know by Arcade Fire


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(live @ capitol studios) these lyrics are so simple yet haunting. and the entire song has been stuck in my head for days...   2

MAGlCK 23 Jan 2014

My favourite song from #Reflektor, though this was not an easy choice. What an amazing new album!   2

hannacelina 9 Nov 2013

Sometimes it moves so fast. If you stop to ask, it's already passed.

BrightLights 22 Dec 2013

Arcade Fire at their best !

cartoken 21 Dec 2013

comfortable melancholy nostalgia

bannusvdk 2 Oct 2014

Loving the new Arcade Fire album and can't believe I'm lucky enough to be seeing them live at the Barras in a week. Don't believe the critics; this LP is a classic.   3

FamousWhenDead 7 Nov 2013