I Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor by Arctic Monkeys

“I hope your Monday is easy. Cheers friends!”

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I hope your Monday is easy. Cheers friends!

jimleatherman 18 Nov 2013

Running through my head   3

SusannahCrowell 21 Aug 2012

I remember coming downstairs one night just in time for the number 1 on Top of The Pops. Before it was announce my Dad said, 'oh yeah, have you heard of this band, The Arctic Monkeys?', to which I replied 'huh?'. 'Yeah' my dad said 'they were unheard of and now they gone straight to number one because of their fans on.. my face?' 'Myspace, dad' 'Yeah Myspace! It's pretty catchy to be fair' That was the first time I heard the Arctic Monkeys and they have been my favourite band ever since. I loved the song then, I love it now and I just about reckon i'll love it forever, which is why it has to be my #eternaljam

katemariecarter 8 Nov 2014

Any song from the album this song is on, would be worth choosing.

mikeyboywonder 6 Jun 2014

This is how I want to remember Arctic Monkeys. Totally unaffected by Rock n Roll. Lads making music in bedrooms for kids drunk on cider on provincial town centre dancefloors.   3

JonBurroughs83 24 Feb 2014

I love a good dance   2

ChocolateSloth 29 Sep 2014