I Wanna Be Yours by Arctic Monkeys


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but nassia was first  

Kinda wish I wrote this song!   2

Oldy86 30 Dec 2013

Let me be your teddy bear, take me with you anywhere.

almightyj 12 Aug 2015

John Cooper Clarke meets the Arctic Monkeys. Lovely combination...

jimmym 4 Jul 2015

Sixth in the ranks is the fifth album from Sheffield's finest foursome with a big brass-monkey of an album: 'AM'. I've opted for their sweet tribute to the delightful John Cooper Clarke poem but it's such a strong album almost any of the songs would have been fit-for-purpose. Hat tips, nods and winks for this selection fall upon - @AndyWilkinson @dutchzaphod @Bukowski @silvershroud @d0minic and the inimitable Beatrice Giachi. High fives all round, as we cusp the Jamstars top 5...   4

jonnyneale5 11 Feb 2014

Aww, so romantic. Free album stream on iTunes at po.st/iTunesAM, and you'll find me in the record store next Monday!

nassia 4 Sep 2013

Kind of pining for a girl atm, so I keep listening to her favourite music and songs that remind me of her. Kind of pathetic, but it's fun while it lasts.

simoncollins 30 Dec 2014