Piledriver Waltz by Arctic Monkeys

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A = Arctic Monkees & Alex Turner - I wasn't sure about committing to this #ABCsofMe - I think it's very difficult to choose just one song. Still - I love this version of Piledriver Waltz and I love Alex Turner - Ok so far then . . .   15

lindatee 25 Nov 2014

Your waitress was miserable and so was your food.

livinthing 15 Sep 2013

Dig the clever tempo change in this song

GeorgiaPeach 22 Dec 2014

I love the humor in this song.

gingrich1 10 Sep 2013

"I heard an unhappy ending, it sort of sounds like you leaving"

revolution09 23 Jun 2014

Alex Turner is such a talented songwriter, I can't decide whether I like this version more than the one that is on the Submarine OST.

RickRedSix 27 May 2013