Moving To L.A. by Art Brut

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but theodora was first  

because I'm in LA and it's pretty damned nice out

joncaffiend 13 Jan 2015

Wet Monday in the UK? Now we can all drink Hennesy with Morrissey. Whooah!   5

kemiladashdot 22 Oct 2012

Hilarious and rocks   1

mgb556 29 Jul 2014

Listening to this again because of last weekend's NYT Sunday Styles piece.

buzz 5 May 2015

It goes back to Aldous Huxley, Brits fascinated with the LA life and vibe. Now Charli XCX has a new song on the theme. This is one of my faves from the genre ... "Drinking Hennessey with Morrisey"...   2

timmuky 9 Oct 2014

Getting a little fed up with the constant rain...

meddlingwitch 13 Jan 2014