Levels by Avicii

“Levels is Avicii's tribute to Etta James http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Levels_(Avicii_song)”

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Levels is Avicii's tribute to Etta James http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Levels_(Avicii_song)

andersmansson 14 Oct 2012


sanjaykarrolla 14 Feb 2014

Bo12: Truly great is Avicii and this live performance of Levels. 2012 featured a release of remixes of this one cut and they are all great. Check it out!

restless941 21 Dec 2013

dare you to sit still through this whole video.

shepizzle 13 Apr 2012

There is no track that makes me feel as happy, brings back as many memories and gets me going as much as Avicii's Levels.The EXTERNAL jam.

jamieedwardlee 8 Jun 2014

Best pump up song and probably best techno song ever created.

TheDailyDan 8 Jun 2012