WARN-U by Ayshay

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but hmstulta was first  

Stuck in head.   1

dafinki 30 Sep 2012

Fatima al Qadiri as eerie incantatrix.   1

missekawasaki 4 Feb 2012

Deeply spooky

alexp76 18 Apr 2013

Fatima Al Qadiri is the first in a while to make music I don't auto understand. I neeeed to hear / know more.   2

kicking_k 15 Feb 2012

Ayshay is Fatima Al Qadiri’s solo music project that re-interprets the sound of religious Muslim acappella.

zuihitsu 11 Jun 2012

Can't edit track/artist fields from iPhone ( @_ralph ) but it is of course WARN-U by Ayshay (Fatima al Qadiri)   1

hmstulta 13 Feb 2012