Sweet 69 by Babes in Toyland

“Going Down In Flames Part 4: Because #cowbell.”

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Going Down In Flames Part 4: Because #cowbell.

burningfp 18 Aug 2015

Can't believe it's taken me this long to Jam this. I listen to it practically daily as part of my 'work' mix. You should too.

elevitate 5 Dec 2014

Most of the music that sounded heavy to me in mid '90s doesn't hold up, but dang Babes in Toyland still RIP!   1

chrystacherrie 1 Apr 2013

Just started listening to this band, I can't get over the brilliant texture of their songs.

GeorgiaR 20 Feb 2014

Something to blow the cobwebs away.

kompani101 31 May 2015

I have a thing for screechy girl singers. Listened to BiT a lot during teenagehoodedness.   1

waferbaby 11 Dec 2011