Can't Get Enough by Bad Company

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I can't. I really can't. #MickRalphs #GuitarHero   11

BertrandRustles 22 May 2014

Boy bands, eh? Wanted to be in one, when I was a bespotted teen. Not a 'One Dimension' you understand. More a kinda' 'Jethro-Sgt Pepper-Floyd, long-haired combo. However, since I could really only play the comb&stout toilet paper cheap kazoo replacement, I balked and chose instead to be in awe of another group of likely lads from school. Their influences were less prog/psych and more rock'n'roll. Charged to perform at our final year dance, four hairy lads nervously took to the stage, spending several minutes, tuning up (which I mistook for a spontaneous Gong track). With all their collective courage to play before an expectant and 'larger than normally appears in the garage where we practice' crowd, gathered up, they launched into Bad Company territory. I recall it being competent, if a tad slower than the original. I now believe this pace was to allow singer Dave to drawl, 'Caaaaaaaan't gerr enough of yer luurve', which brought gasps of 'eh?' from some. Chicks loved it though...sigh.   5

21schizoid 31 May 2013

you cant get wrong with Paul Rodgers

peibolskan 21 Feb 2014

♬ Well I take whatever I want, and baby, I want you ♬

ScreeamingMimi 17 Jan 2013