Lost In The Light by Bahamas

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velvetmorning 23 Sep 2015

bein' free, leavin' me on my own

sushiimita 3 Dec 2014

Saw them last night, in a church of all venues. Astounding vocals.   13

McKelvie 19 Apr 2012

in love with afie   8

solveigo 11 Sep 2013

First of all, thanks to @velvetmorning for introducing me to this great musician. In the words of the author "This is song about the death of a relationship. On one hand, you mourn its loss. On the other, you celebrate all that was good about it while acknowledging all of its flaws. It's about acceptance and revelation."   1

dan_abnormal 17 Dec 2014

I thought I would share a simple, low fi, ear worm with you guys; you're worth it. This is holding hands at the end of a hot summer day, after dinner. This is sunsets and candlelight, a pullover on the shoulders against the cool of the night. This is me looking forward to my holiday. Not long now...   7

daved 3 Jun 2014