Tarzan Boy by Baltimora

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Can't stop listening to this.

lilyvanilli 10 Aug 2015

Is there a way to permanently jam something?

Glench 27 Apr 2012

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III was a horrible movie. Really, I realize that. But there's also a nostalgic mental glow about it that I can't quite shake - a hard-to-explain affection that extends to the music. Right now, "Tarzan Boy" is my win song. I feel like dancing to it every time I hear it, but I can also work on epidemiologic data analysis in my grad program while listening and feel confident that I am completely awesome and that I'm where I need to be.

jamaicarose 20 Mar 2015

If you're going to get stuck at an airport, there are worse songs to hear than "Tarzan Boy."

maura 10 Jun 2013

Thanks to @wearemoms and their fab @grooveshark broadcast, this is now stuck in my mind grapes.   3

ctull13 9 Jul 2013

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MadameZia 4 Feb 2015