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Still everyday - BANG IT BANG IT

beyoncexo 17 Aug 2015

This one's for you.

taeng 8 Sep 2015

내가 요즘 푹 빠진 박완규 노래~ 한스러움이 느껴진다..

artechist 31 Mar 2012


yiimoo 25 Jun 2015

reminiscing the glorious era of purple haired taehyung and fuckboy jeon (please, bighit, bring purple haired taehyung back since fuckboy jeon hasn't left)

taehyung 20 May 2015

in true bts style killing me with the follow up tack. I really disliked i need u for multiple reasons but this song has revived my love for bts; god bless

beyoncexo 24 Jun 2015