Flaws by Bastille

“Bastille - Favorite SXSW discover (via @caitwitt)”

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Bastille - Favorite SXSW discover (via @caitwitt)

zackteibloom 19 Mar 2013

I finally broke down and am reusing a jam I first heard from someone else here - thanks, this song is great!

Molly 21 Dec 2011

The vid I wanted was unjammable. lol I don't care for the dancing skull-faced gals, etc. But the music is rad!   7

gracierb 12 Apr 2013

Posting my favorite songs of '11, starting with what is probably #1 on my list.

musicgeek 10 Dec 2011

I pre-ordered Bastille's upcoming album "Bad Blood" on itunes for the amazing price of $6.99 - pre-order while you can folks! It's going to be  good. I'm normally not one who listens to electronic music,  but I like this. Can't wait for the album! - Dan Smith's voice is amazing; the quality of it doesn't change on any of the live or acoustic or a cappella recordings I've watched.   8

gracierb 28 Aug 2013

This song gets me right in the heart, and the video has a context that chills me to the bone.

krowface 20 Jun 2015