The Passion of Lovers by Bauhaus

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No, YOU'RE a goth.   1

Wordridden 6 Nov 2013

And she dips and wails and slips her banshee smile.

vesperina 23 Apr 2015

One of my Partner's claims to fame is that he got raging drunk with this lot until 1am in the Green Room at the Hemel Hempstead Pavilion when he worked there as a 'Pot Boy' in the early '80's... Management had to get him a cab home and he had college in Watford at 9am the next morning...   11

MadameZia 24 Aug 2015

Such a cool band, such a powerful track. Turn it up load, enjoy!   1

jpaylor 28 Mar 2015

From the film 'The Hunger' which is about vampires - tenuous enough to be included in #FoodWeek - bonus DB is such a dish...   11

MadameZia 19 Jul 2014

Had a bit of a #goth vinyl weekend, rediscovering all sorts of old favourites, including this Bauhaus classic.   4

UncannyUK 16 Jun 2014