Third Uncle by Bauhaus

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Still on a Bauhaus kick. Possibly the best way to start a day when you have a million things to do.   1

zenithed 8 May 2014

For my cousin.

Immerito 5 Jul 2014

yep, I found Brian Eno through Bauhaus. Shut up. =)   2

meg_aera 4 Jan 2012

via Brian Eno   1

Aziziz 6 Oct 2014

Un/popular opinion: Bauhaus' cover of Eno's "Third Uncle" is even better than the original. There, I said it.   2

visaforviolet 8 Oct 2013

Every time I listened to my jam yesterday I kept being reminded of this. Obey your stream of consciousness...   5

thesunneversets 29 Apr 2012