Sure Shot by Beastie Boys


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"Sure Shot" by @BeastieBoys is my new jam #RIPMCA

DrProximo 5 May 2015

As long as I'm still younger than the Beastie Boys, I'm not old   1

jimray 9 Mar 2012

Only started listening to the Beastie Boys recently but they're already one of my favourites

Conagh_Murphy 6 Sep 2013

"I got more rhymes than I got grey hairs, and that's a lot, because I got my share."   6

wilwheaton 23 Sep 2014


BigMaki 9 Jun 2015

This song always makes me think of @BrendanAdkins, who always tried to get us to sing it with him in college (I believe I was responsible for "and you don't..."

Wertle 16 Mar 2015