I Won't Be Long by Beck

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Enjoying drifting back into Beck territory following the recent purchase of his latest album. See 'Planned Obsolescence' on Soundcloud for more gems from this quirky indie pop genius...   1

memoriesofgreen 23 Jun 2014

New this month.

denizenofdreams 28 Jul 2013

not so new, but I still enjoy it quite a bit. #Beck   2

Reckoner 1 Nov 2013

Not judging anyone who didn't know Beck 'til Kanye--unless you think Kanye's right. In any case, here's a song to prove you wrong~   1

kbautista 11 Feb 2015

Finally Beck's back! I hope the album comes as catchy as this tune   7

pabloldias 3 Jul 2013

What a funky tune!!!

dannyrambles 2 Jul 2013