Say Goodbye by Beck

“Au revoir, TIMJ. Been a great four years. 👍🏼”

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Au revoir, TIMJ. Been a great four years. 👍🏼   1

EatMyHalo 23 Aug 2015

New Music: I was not in love with Morning Phase upon first listen. I thought it was good, but I didn't think it was great. Then, for my second listen, I put it on on my car stereo on the drive back to my uni flat, along a bunch of motorways as the sun was setting. At that point, the album clicked and I now think it's great! Not close to Beck's best, but still better than a lot of other recent albums I've heard. #newmusic   1

CallumPetch 28 Feb 2014

Shoutout to Kanye... #Artistry

pscottrussell 10 Feb 2015

is it time to go away and try again some other day? 'cause thse are words we use to say goodbye   2

mariana_bloom 24 Aug 2014

My favourite track after the first few listens, lots of great stuff though

Maticubu 25 Feb 2014

I am loving the new Beck album.   1

edthemenace 27 Aug 2014