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No pries for the real identity of Drimble Wedge.   1

EmperorKetchup 14 May 2013

Also known as Peter Cook.

titznsass 29 Feb 2012

He doesn't care. In fact, you fill him with inertia.

sean1 19 Sep 2013

you fill me with inertia.   3

shme 19 Apr 2012

You fill me with inertia

The1960s 15 Feb 2013

As often the case, I was looking for something else, and found this: I don't know much about this song, but had heard a mid-90's techno-kinda cover of it. Huh, Nick Cave covered it too. Good to know. Plus, "You fill me with inertia" is a pretty solid line.

CTopley 6 Jun 2015