Jive Talkin' by Bee Gees

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Dah dum de dum, dah dum de dum...it's just your

chichard41 24 Jan 2012

Summer of '75. In late summer, I would be starting my final school year. 'Lost' a few pals to Uni. No social media in those days, so keeping in touch was a lot tougher. My final year in my old alma mater, would be a good 'un, though perhaps a little too good, pandering to my meandering concentration & total uncertainty over my next post-ed move. Music, like so many other things, was also changing. My prog dominated world, was under threat from the rampage of disco. More accurately, my musical taste was under threat from disco. What with the laydeez playing a more prominent role in my little world, quoting lines from Starless&Bible Black, was unlikely to cut the dancefloor mustard, so giving in to the hip testing grooves, was the only game in town. Prior to spraying on their flares and slamming their testicles in the same door to perfect that falsetto shriek, the Brothers Gibb led the way with this floor filler. I'm no BeeGee-ist, but this belter led me astray & prog 'rested' awhile...   60

21schizoid 21 Aug 2014

Answered a quiz question about SNF today and suddenly had an urge to go back to the album, which I played obsessively as a kid. Why this particular track? Who knows. But it's hot outside and feels right. Yeahhh! Bring on the white suits!   8

AlicejustMay 13 Jul 2013

You're gonna take away my energy with all your jive talkin'.

dylan.todd 28 Mar 2013