Too Late To Love You by Ben Babbitt

“Um, Kentucky Route Zero Act 3 Spoilers here... but damn.”

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Um, Kentucky Route Zero Act 3 Spoilers here... but damn.

austin_walker 21 May 2014

From the Kentucky Route Zero ( soundtrack. This part of the game is pure David Lynch and a *spectacular* bit of stagecraft and atmospherics.   1

stuarthoughton 9 May 2014

Kentucky Route Zero continues to impress and move me endlessly. Take a moment for Junebug and Johnny. #KR0

rebeccafay 7 May 2014

Scenes (and songs) like this, speak volumes about what I love about Kentucky Route Zero, more than I can myself.

PurpleMFTW 24 May 2014

One of this year's best songs was interactive.

qwallath 13 Dec 2014

So I've got a game crush on KR:0's Junebug. This song, and the scene it goes with, are why. #KentuckyRouteZero

DMann3D 15 May 2014