“Fraggle Rock. Need I say more?”

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Fraggle Rock. Need I say more?

darraghdoyle 17 Sep 2012

Because dammit, get going and do it anyway!

stwaldo 20 Aug 2014

This Sunday between 6-8pm on Now Playing @BenFolds is taking control #BenFolds56Music   3

BBC6Music 20 Sep 2012

Shallow attempt to convert @LindaStudd to Ben Folds via Fraggles. Next, I need Bagpuss to appear in Star Trek.   2

StudleyUK 24 Sep 2012

Listening to old @nerdist podcasts reminded me how great this song and video are.

MJStarling 23 Jun 2015

"Do It Anyway", the comeback song from Ben Folds Five. All is now incrementally better with the world.

brokentv 16 May 2012