Eden by Ben Khan

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A gritty Jai Paul sound, sort of like someone is kicking an elephant with a distortion filter.

OllyNewport 20 Mar 2014

@Ben__Khan | THIS SOUND IS WAY TOO GOOOOOD ! For fans of #JaiPaul and #TameImpala 'elephant' soundclips. Approved by @sodwee . Keep a close eye on his upcoming material ... #bliss   2

sodwee 3 Oct 2013

shiver in streams

lunarsymphony 22 Sep 2014

Love This, best discovery since Jai Paul

AndyMarston23 15 Feb 2014

I just can't stop with the left field R'n'B. Ben Khan's "Eden"

dozens 1 Oct 2013

This song right here is just so intense. Ben Khan does it again except this time his first verse on money and how he worships it religiously is so enchanting.

mazimuhlari 4 Aug 2014