You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go by Ben Watt


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Happy Tuesday Friends, please tell the people you love that you love them, often if not all the time. Because time is short and life is cruel. (sometimes) Shout out to my work buddy Henry, I will miss your daily Hello Jimbo! and your bright smile and your larger than life laugh. Cheers friend

jimleatherman 28 Apr 2015

#DylanCovers Love this Ben Watt version . . . when ETBTG use to do a Dylan song Tracy followed it with this   11

lindatee 23 Sep 2014

.... North Marine Drive (1983) #nowplaying #benwatt #ebtg #thisismyjam

RobEustace 21 Oct 2013

Bob Dylan goes to Hull.

hoopshooley 25 Jul 2012

Right at the end of his 1st album - completely #sublime #chill - makes me think of solesome days in the Cotswolds where nothing's alive except your wild soul. Roll on 21/8 first time he's played acoustic solo for 30 years (I think)

jezkay 10 Jul 2013