Who Have I Become by Best Coast

“Best Coast make me wish I was in a girl band in high school.”

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Best Coast make me wish I was in a girl band in high school.

kbeilz 18 Mar 2015

"I want to be somebody else. Sick of myself and how I feel. Don't recognize who I see in the morning. Used to be so clear."                         I've been asking myself this question a lot lately.

rkientz 20 May 2014

Despite Bethany Cosentino's talent I had no hope for her band Best Coast after their misguided 2012 sophomore effort The Only Place. I'm glad to see that they've dumped the soulless Jon Brion production, left Capitol Studios, and gone back to their DIY roots. This song, and the rest of the 2013 EP Fade Away, is a gem.   5

noyoucmon 27 Dec 2013

What else could you wish for with Chrimbo approaching but surf pop. Could have been #SleighBells but that was too on the money so here is #BestCoast. Love the new album.

djrees 8 Dec 2013

I own the first Best Coast album and found it charming in a naive way. The new mini-album on the other hand is really rather muscular musically with catchy melodies akin to Blondie at their best. Love it.   2

tomdwilly 4 Feb 2014

Bethany Cosentino is all kinds of rad.

aj_macready 23 Mar 2014