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Had to sneak in a jam for #BirdMonth. I definitely owe a fellow jammer for discovering this a while back, just can't remember who posted it. @thisismymistake possibly?   4

ccrosby37 27 Jun 2014

As BJH was standing near me in the audience for the fab Future Islands show last night, there is no other appropriate jam for today. Moshpit action at a 4AD show instead of the conventional appreciative chin-stroking! It was great.   7

thesunneversets 12 Feb 2014

Rejam because it's #duetsweek and because Sam "Future Islands" Herring has become the It kid of the indie blogs since I jammed this first; back in January. Also, it's still gorgeous.   9

thisismymistake 10 Apr 2014

Still much sad that Beth didn't take me up on my offer to drive up PCH together, but I understand. I certain can't sing like Sam "Future Island" Herring…   15

thisismymistake 28 Jan 2014