Heartbreak Dream by Betty Who

“Insanely Catchy Song of the Week”

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Insanely Catchy Song of the Week

JoshHelfferich 19 Jun 2014

The movement and feel of the music is in such contradiction to the lyrics. Totally fun and oddly dissonant at the same time!

chantgirl 22 Jul 2014

Haven't added anything on here in a while. But finally decided on a new Jam! Been listening to some pretty great music these past few weeks, but this is one of the songs that I have consistently been listening to. Hope you like :)

EQ_Knocks 6 Aug 2014

I'm a sucker for a well executed pop song.

otw 10 Apr 2014

Rejamming because this shiny pop song contains this sucker-punch of a lyric: "When you hold me, it feels like you don't know me / We are worlds apart / When you kiss me, I know you haven't missed me / You keep breaking my heart"

otw 2 Jun 2014


SophieBryce 7 Jun 2014