Bow Down / I Been On by Beyoncé

“baby hair and dookie braids”

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baby hair and dookie braids


Dedicated to my friend Bombya, who I'm bowing down to today as she commits the deeply heroic, selfless act of donating a kidney to her young friend. You make the world a better place!   1

chrystacherrie 5 Dec 2013


brokenyolk 18 Mar 2013

So, how many times has everyone else listened to the new Bey album since Friday? I've basically had it on repeat – which is something I rarely do with new music. All of Beyoncé is my new jam. So amazing.   6

Han 17 Dec 2013

Great teaser, I love this.   3

the_fox 22 Mar 2013


itsMajor802 24 Oct 2013