Halo by Beyoncé

“This has been my jam, like, all summer. #eternaljam?”

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This has been my jam, like, all summer. #eternaljam?   7

Han 24 Jul 2013

I listened to this drunkenly on Friday night and have heard it every day since then - just walking around, in the world, on the bus etc. And I just listened to it three times in a row too because - fuck me that's an amazing song. Halo halo halo.

gingerjane 27 May 2015

I can't start this account without a song by Beyonce!!

misslee 26 Jul 2014

I was going to put Lighthouse by GRL because that song I have only just heard, but then it wasn't available, so back to the classics it is. #timeless #epic = halo

dianyu 13 Aug 2015

You watched the Super Bowl, right?

MTVHive 4 Feb 2013

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