Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) by Beyoncé

“all the single ladies BRRRRRRRRMMMMMM”

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all the single ladies BRRRRRRRRMMMMMM

mrboboto 19 Jun 2014

Hi all, our latest post looks at this classic Beyonce video and also some of the parodies it inspired. Also, check out our new-look site!!! We'd love to know what you think! :-)   2

MVD 27 Jun 2015

This has been firmly stuck in my head for *days*. It is too damn catchy! Woah oh oh, oh oh ARGH!

araraptor 6 Feb 2015

You know who you are.

gusandrews 12 Mar 2015

Yes, I know I'm several years late to the party.

ScreeamingMimi 4 May 2015

Always reminds me of this by by @marcellerby

RellyAB 10 Apr 2012