In A Big Country by Big Country

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To my many Caley friends, now that we remain on the same ship, hoping they still fight the good fight. #ScottishWeek   3

HeyRusty 19 Sep 2014

Lost a great friend this week, and keep coming back to this song. Laughing at the video after Germany/Brazil in WC2014 then doing loads of Riff Raff impressions. An earnest, daft bastard that I will miss every day.

topfife 7 Aug 2015

#scottishweek   1

cosmicdon 16 Sep 2014

i never took the smile away from anybody's face #tbt

jnetbybee 15 Jan 2015

no apology for loving this song

wizardofvore 2 Aug 2015

"Pull up your head off the floor, come up screaming Cry out for everything you ever might have wanted" #RIP

amandalaggan 4 Jul 2015