September Gurls by Big Star

“Happy Tuesday Friends”

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Happy Tuesday Friends

jimleatherman 1 Sep 2015

maybe not as strong a desperado song as others but still makes me get all nostalgic inside...have been known to play on repeat   1

bingsy22 30 Jul 2013

They do so much you know.   11

Axol 31 Aug 2013

I take no responsibility for that graphic! This song, for me, is the sound of summer. Don't know why. Discovered Big Star via The Replacements and almost got to meet Alex Chiton in Memphis - long story but I worked with his sister. Short story is that this song is a little bit of pop magic.   1

mickey_profane 17 Nov 2014

I've probably posted this one before, but it's my birthday song and today is my birthday. . . so. . .HBTM!   6

AliLangston 14 Sep 2012

My birthday song--but I can't wait til September! I also recommend the Bangles cover: surprisingly good.   2

AliLangston 15 Jun 2012