The Ballad Of El Goodo by Big Star

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but MissJessamyJane was first  

at my side is god   3

terence 23 Apr 2013

My mood today...   2

gracelilacwine 16 Mar 2015

The end is near... counting down my #FinalJams. In probably my top three all-time favourites this. I just adore it.   1

substandard 24 Sep 2015

Continuing the tour of songs in a brief countdown (count up?) to my hundredth jam that – depending on my mood at the time, how long since I last ate, when I last slept and my blood alcohol level – I could and probably have made a strong argument for being 'my favourite of all time'... whatever that really means. I love everything about this song, and I consider it the finest moment of an extraordinary band.   1

substandard 30 Sep 2014

Alex Chilton was an absolute genius   1

nickolas 22 Jul 2015

They'll get theirs and we'll get ours.

icicle 11 May 2015