Thirteen by Big Star


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as TIMJ is close to shutting its doors I thought I'd post one of the most perfect songs ever recorded.. in the top 3 at least. In my insignificant opinion anyway.   2

condorave 21 Aug 2015

If you love Big Star, I think you'll love this video. love=love   2

kdd 1 May 2014

Big Star is the sort of band that, when you hear them, you wish you'd found them sooner.   1

melvillean 31 Jan 2013

Tell him what we said about Paint It Black   3

katymayful 11 Mar 2013

Have one of those songs that when you hear it your mind skips and you're somewhere else and......?

WaldoJeffers 26 Aug 2015

Like all good love songs: short and sweet.

adamncopeland 9 Dec 2011