Rebel Girl by Bikini Kill

“International Women's Day, beatches”

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International Women's Day, beatches

rifa 7 Mar 2014

Bikini kill & coffee cure a morning headache better than ibuprofen.

ker_pow 2 Aug 2015

new year's eve was a lot of fun, and one of the highlights was Sarah singing her heart out to this on rock band. i am inordinately fond of the line "that girl thinks she's the queen of the neighborhood/well i got news for you/she is!"   1

ifjuly 1 Jan 2015

<3 <3

waferbaby 8 Feb 2012

File under: fierce songs to strut-and-not-give-a-fuck to.

Crysslit 4 Jul 2015

exploring one variety of female idolization/competition   2

Schell 17 Jul 2013