Way Over Yonder in the Minor Key by Billy Bragg & Wilco

“Ain't nobody that can sing like me.”

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Ain't nobody that can sing like me.

dresdenshat 17 Dec 2013

My little girlie she may be...

maryamsbghi 30 May 2014

Mermaid Avenue is a 1998 album of previously unheard lyrics written by American folk singer Woody Guthrie. Worth a listen #fb   1

thisidiotsays 10 Nov 2013

So many memories: of my old colleague Phil and his family; of a time before I knew Wilco; and the simple joy of hearing Natalie Merchant   1

thompsonsimon 10 Jan 2014

Love this song #billybragg

SDHox 7 Oct 2014

Best record Wilco ever put out.

ljferdinand 9 Oct 2013