Miami 2017 (Seen the Lights Go Out on Broadway) by Billy Joel

“Hop a flight to Miami or to Hollywood ✈️ 🎶 @stevekrohn 🌴 @cindycapo

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Hop a flight to Miami or to Hollywood ✈️ 🎶 @stevekrohn 🌴 @cindycapo

Mott 12 May 2015

Sandy Aftermath

Lauren816 5 Nov 2012

Billy Joel is a total non-guilty pleasure of mine. His lyrics are so chock full of "Go F*** yourselves! Live your own damn life" that I can't help but love the gut. I'll be surprised if this posted jam gets any listens at all (let alone an actual "like"), but the albums "Turnstyles", "The Nylon Curtain" and "The Stranger" are total cassette classics for me and some of my favorite albums ever. Goodbye subscribers who thought I had good taste :D (JK, if you don't think the Piano Man rawkz then I beg of you to try out songs like "Only the Good Die Young" and "My Life" and just about anything off "The Nylon Curtain" if you still no like... oh well, I'm sure we agree on other stuff. I've just been in a New York State of mind lately (inside joke)) They turned our power down Drove us underground But we went right on with the show!!

gorillawit 6 Mar 2014

Sandy Aftermath...

Lauren816 5 Nov 2012