Sitting in the park by Billy Stewart

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I wish I had the kind of attitude about life that would lead me to write and record a song like this after getting stood up on a date. This is some of the finest lemonade ever made.   1

jeffreguilon 29 Apr 2014

This is one of those songs where all you need is a comfortable chair, some form of alcoholic beverage, and the ability to sing along. If you have all three of those things, everything will be okay.

tonylopez90410 24 Oct 2013

The best of the lowrider oldies I've been listening to lately thanks to this glorious segment from Bullseye:

coldbrain 25 Jun 2014

"Sitting In The Park" by Billy Stewart. The sound of sunshine.

JonDennis 18 Jul 2013

Old school jam

odannyboy96 10 Nov 2013